Corporate & Event Team Packages

Passage Rock on the stunning Waiheke Island is an idyllic venue just a 30 minute drive from Matiatia and your team can feel like you have escaped the hustle and bustle to your own little haven.


We provide a range of wine & food related activities, bistro dining, meeting facilities all in the setting of our operating vineyard. All of our activities are competitive with scoring and resulting in a winner or winners, they are designed to be fun and interactive.


Our covered outdoor area seats 80 people as does our indoor restaurant bringing our full capacity to 160 people. Some options are only available for certain sized groups so please enquire as to what you’re interested in and we can quote accordingly.


For more information on our corporate & events, please download our corporate & events packages flyer

Corporate Packages

Morning & Afternoon Tea options

starting at $11.50pp

Meeting room with white board & Flip chart

$500 set price for 3 hr use subject to availability

Set menu options for lunch/dinner

starting from $27pp

Team building and team activity options

starting from $45pp

Transfers to and from the venue

price on request

Wine tasting and presentation options

starting from $10pp

Meetings Winter Special

For groups of 30+ during weekdays entitle end of October 2015 (excuding July) we are offering exclusive use and no room hire for groups booking for a meeting package that includes activities and food.

Team Building Activities

Let us create a day out that will be remembered by your team for years to come. Contact – Willow Rowntree our bistro & events manager for details.


1 Hour

$45 per person

1.5 Hours

$65 per person

2 Hours

$75 per person

Team building and team activity options

starting from $45pp


Please note some activities such as Wine Stomping can only be added as an extra if already doing the Grape pruning & harvesting challenge and some activities as outlined below have extra charges. Please contact us for further details or quotes.

Outdoor Activity Options

Develop your team’s skills by using teamwork to encourage communication and collaboration while absorbing the romance and knowledge of wine making.


Barrel Obstacle course 

Barrels of fun! Traverse the vines and their surrounds to conquer our obstacles while rolling a wine barrel. You will have to be resourceful as a team to work out how to manoeuvre this wine country

15 min

Wine waiter race challenge

Each team is given a wine tray with 4 mock wines to be delivered to your customer by relay down the vines. Each tray is lined with a perfectly white piece of paper…I think you can guess the aim here. Each team will be scored by best time & amount of wine spilled. Find ways to stabilise your wine glasses to increase speed or go for pace and accuracy how risky are you?

15 min

Cork tower challenge

Each team will be given a box of corks and pins. You will be timed and each teams creation will be scored by Beauty, Construction and height. Sculpture or architect both could win here.

15 min

Golf amongst the grapes

Get a hole in one. Each team member get 5 attempts to gain scores towards the teams overall total. Get a the ball into the ½ barrel or any of the surrounding target for varied scores. Go for the high score or try for lots of the easier targets to bulk up your call.

15 min

Pruning & harvesting vines challenge

Work with our vineyard team to be a vintner for a day. You will be given a set of challenges designed by our wine maker that will be both physical but also will use your intelligence to make decisions about what to do with your vintage.

ADD ON – The Wine stomping experience (Available seasonally) 30 mins – Optional this can include wine allocation of 3 bottles of your own wine which will be dispatched to the company 12 months later this is $40-65 extra pp depending on the variety picked

15 min

Upgrade to get the full wine making experience after harvesting get the experience of foot stomping your own grapes to make your own batch of wine


Indoor Activity Options

You can have the confidence to relax and know we have all bases covered for wet weather with range of exciting indoor options. Of course it does not have to be raining for these popular choices to be added to your itinerary.


Wine tasting challenge

Become a connoisseur for a day. Your team will be given 2-4 mystery wines. There will be a table with taster glasses each holding actual characteristics that could be found within those wines. Ie: burnt toast, lychees, chocolate etc. The team is then given a time challenge to write down the variety, year and as many characteristics as they can come up with on the nose or palette. You will be judged and scored on accuracy but also creativity so don’t hold back on your whacky ideas of what you think, they may pay off.

15 mins – $4 – $6 extra pp depending on how many wines.

Make your own wood fired pizza challenge

NOTE: Only available for exclusive use bookings or early/late itineraries not during peak service 12-3pm

30 mins – $6 extra pp

Food pairing challenge

Combine either the Wine Tasting or Wine Blending Challenge with this food pairing challenge to tie together all the knowledge required to be a real “Foodie”. Each of the tasted or created wines will be presented alongside the pizza’s created and teams will have to decide which wine to match with each of the created pizza’s. Teams will have to present their choices and explain why. Our judge will choose a winner based on accuracy of the combination and the creativity.

30 min

Wine blending activity

Receive 2-4 distinctive Passage Rock wines and blend them as a team to your own specific tastes. As wine makers for a day your creations will be blind tested by one of our vineyard experts and judged on balance, taste and creativity.

30 mins $7 extra pp

Design your own team wine label

Enhance the story of your wine to sell the concept and romance of your label. Create a catch phrase/mission statement of your winery and design your logo. This will be added to the judging and could push you into the lead.

15 min

Cork tower challenge

Each team will be given a box of corks, pins, blue tac and rubber bands. You will be timed and each teams creation will be scored by Beauty, Construction, Height & strength. Sculptor or architect both could win here.

15 min

Free activities available onsite include croquet, trampoline & sandpit (for children)

Packages start from $88pp +gst including transfers, lunch/dinner & team building (Minimum of ten people)

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